‚ÄčA musical loosely based on the life of Gavrilo Princip, the young revolutionary who delivered the fatal blow assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the event which is widely considered to be the trigger of World War I. The musical explores his life and how he became caught up in the movement. It is a story of passion, love and sacrifice.

Opening the show in Gavrilo’s nightmare, the story goes on to flashback to the early years of his life where we meet Franco, a plucky, over confident little boy, deluded with the idea he is ‘King of the School’.

The two boys become great friends until we are introduced to Milan, a fellow student, heavily involved in the revolutionary group ‘Young Bosnia’. His brother Apis is the leader and founder of the organisation, whose hatred for the Austria-Hungarian empire and their desire to control the Slavic people, leads them to extreme action. It is this group that Gavrilo becomes heavily involved in through his relationship with Milan consequently ending his and Franco’s friendship.

In Act 2, a romance blossoms between Gavrilo and café waitress Ana Obrenovik, daughter of the head of Belgrade Police who are tracking Young Bosnia. Their love is tested in confrontation between Gavrilo and her father.

As a result of this, Gavrilo faces the biggest decision of his life: to chose between his love and his country. His choice catapults the world into the ‘Great War’; perhaps the greatest tragedy the world has ever seen.